National American University (NAU) currently offers online degrees in Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Management (MM), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Master of Science in Human Resources Management (MSHRM), and Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management (MSGSCM). Core courses for the MBA and MM are also offered at the Rapid City and Ellsworth campuses. The master's degree programs are designed to provide students with an innovative curriculum as well as the skills needed for effective leadership and management. In addition to the core program courses, students have the opportunity to select elective courses to fit their individual career needs.

To fulfill NAU's mission to provide career and professional education responsive to student interests and the needs of a variety of employers, these graduate degree programs focus on the needs that many employers have for graduate-level business, management and healthcare workers. This mission is accomplished by master's-level programs that emphasize the synthesis of knowledge in the relevant subject areas needed for those filling middle and upper management positions in a wide variety of organizations.

NAU's master’s degree programs seek to assist students in developing the ability to communicate effectively to interested parties. Students participate in a variety of activities that provide meaningful planning and problem solving opportunities. Activities include executive seminars, case studies, team projects and research. Students are prepared to meet a wide variety of challenges in their careers. The program advisory board reviews program requirements to ensure that curriculum content corresponds with the needs of the business environment.

Additional elective courses enable master's candidates to gain an in-depth understanding in selected academic areas for which they have a special interest.

The student will meet with his or her advisor to develop a plan of study based on prior education and work experience, career goals and individual needs. The advisor will assist the student in assessing whether he/she has met the prerequisite course requirements. The resulting academic plan will be submitted to the dean of graduate studies for approval or disapproval. After approval, the student will receive a copy of the approved plan of study. A copy will also be placed in the student’s file for future reference.