Student Learner Services

National American University desires to foster a supportive institutional climate and minimize the effects of conditions or situations that might reduce student achievement.

Student learner services at NAU are provided through personnel, programs, practices, and procedures offered to support a student’s doctoral program experience.

Student Welfare

NAU enjoys and encourages the interaction of students, not only with each other, but with the members of the faculty and professional staff. The university promotes student and staff involvement in university and community affairs.

Title IX: Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Assault Reporting

If a student has been sexually assaulted, the student should immediately call 911 or local law enforcement. In addition, the student should promptly report the incident to the Title IX coordinator and the campus executive officer.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Reporting

Students who have experienced sexual harassment or discrimination should immediately contact the campus executive officer and the Title IX coordinator in accordance with the university’s Sexual Misconduct and Harassment and Non-discrimination Policies.

Karen Hoffman

Title IX Coordinator

System Director for the Office of Student Concerns

5301 S. Highway 16

Rapid City, SD 57701

605-394-4805 (Office)

National American University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy

External Resources

Sexual Assault Hotlines

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Department of Defense Safe Helpline (Military Students)

Counseling Services

Student Assistance Counseling Program

Local Resources*

*Additional resources may be available in your local community. Please contact your campus executive officer or the Title IX coordinator for additional resources.

External Complaint Filing

Office of Civil Rights


NAU’s Ed.D. CCLP includes participating in a cohort as part of the program experience. The cohorts, comprised of a group of doctoral students from a particular region, are designed to engage students in fostering a doctoral culture, developing team interaction, and supporting each other as practitioner-scholars during the program. Cohort members are urged to foster ties with one another as well as with other CCLP cohorts to enhance networking and long-term connections with colleagues in the field.

Academic Advising and Navigating

CCLP doctoral students have access to local cohort coordinators who serve as academic advisors and work with professors to guide them on their academic journey. Cohort coordinators are in place to assist students with questions about navigating NAU and the doctoral program, serving as a liaison between the cohort and the RGC. Coordinators can assist students with identifying local and NAU-specific resources and are available to help cohort members form questions and develop proposals for dissertations and other academic inquiries.

Cohort coordinators can be reached through email or NAU’s student portal once students have been admitted to the CCLP. The dean of graduate students and academic support is also on board to answer questions about the CCLP, guide students through NAU’s student learner services, and assist with academic advising. The dean is located at the RGC and may be contacted by email at or by calling (512) 813-2300.

Orientation and Tutorials

The CCLP orientation introduces students to the CCLP program, support services, and Canvas, the software program used by NAU to distribute its doctoral blended and online courses. The orientation helps students become familiar with doctoral program expectations and processes. Students may contact the dean of graduate students and academic support to gain access to an online tutorial for Canvas The dean is located at the RGC, and may be contacted by email at or by calling (512) 813-2300.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services for selected courses are available for students taking online and blended courses. The SmarThinking tutoring service is available in Canvas for each course. To request additional tutoring services (e.g., use of APA, improve research and writing skills) students should contact their cohort coordinator.

NAU Online Library

NAU's online library ( is designed to assist and support doctoral students, faculty, and staff. The online library includes the NAU catalog, e-books, tutorials (, and a myriad of electronic searchable databases. The Community College Virtual Library ( is the gateway to accessing the library’s education collection and includes access to ProQuest’s Dissertation and Theses Full Text, Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities, ProQuest’s Education Journals database, ERIC, and other robust offerings from vendors like Ebsco and Ebrary.

In addition to electronically-available resources, the RGC library has hard copy academic support materials available including books, journals, magazines, newspapers and other publications that support academic programs. These items can be borrowed by contacting Sarah Stohr, the graduate librarian, at Interlibrary loan services are also available for students needing access to items not in electronic or physical collections.

In addition, the online library offers student support seven days a week via an Ask-A-Librarian service. Doctoral students are also encouraged to set up research consultation appointments with the librarian to familiarize themselves with available library resources. Please see for office hour and contact information.

Technical Support

NAU’s goal in providing learning management systems, internet services, and technical support to students, faculty, and staff is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication.

NAU’s e-mail and Internet resources are provided for the sole use of NAU students, faculty, staff, and administration. E-mail and Internet records are subject to all existing laws (federal, state and local) as well as the university policies and procedures.

Students are encouraged to contact their local cohort coordinator for questions about Canvas, the doctoral program learning management system.

Students experiencing technical problems can contact NAU technical support at, or call (800) 548-0602. If additional support is needed, students are asked to contact their cohort coordinator.

IT Support Hours

Monday thru Thursday - 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (MST)

Friday - 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (MST)

Sunday - 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm (MST) by email only

Financial Aid and Scholarships

NAU provides financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships, work-study, and low-interest loan programs through federal, state, and local sources. See the Financial Aid and Scholarship section for a detailed description of the supports available.

Health and Accident Insurance

NAU students may apply for individual health and accident insurance. The financial impact of illness or an accident on educational opportunities may be reduced by electing this optional coverage. Information regarding this option may be obtained from the student portal.


Graduates of NAU’s CCLP become members of an extended learning community of community and technical college leaders. In addition, graduates of the university become members of the National American University Alumni Network.

The university maintains communication with graduates by way of National News, a quarterly print newsletter; The Maverick Way Bulletin, sent weekly by email; through social media; and through NAU Connect (, a free online networking platform that connects alumni with one another and the university. The NAU Alumni office seeks regular input from recent graduates, obtained through biennial surveys, which helps the university evaluate its programs and personnel. NAU annually recognizes distinguished alumni service in terms of community involvement and/or professional accomplishment at several of our campuses, a tradition that has recently been expanded to include other NAU sites and graduations.

Referral of prospective students to the university by alumni is welcomed by contacting the dean of graduate students and academic support, by email at or, by calling (512) 813-2300.

Alumni of NAU are also encouraged to assist the university with the placement responsibility by sharing information regarding employment opportunities. Job search assistance on a long-term basis is available by contacting the associate dean of doctoral students, NAU’s career services department, our alumni office, or through NAU Connect.

Alumni may activate involvement, and begin to receive the National News quarterly newsletter, on the NAU website at To receive the weekly Maverick Way Bulletin, sign up at You can also share your updated contact information, ask questions or share your successes directly with the alumni office at