Financial Aid Programs

National American University recognizes that many worthy students would be unable to pursue their educational goals without financial assistance. NAU provides financial aid in the form of scholarships, and low-interest loan programs through federal, state and local sources to its graduate students. Students interested in applying for financial aid through the following programs are encouraged to contact the university financial services office (


The following sites are free scholarship searches:

Nursing scholarship site:

In the reference section of the NAU library and in the financial services office, further information is available concerning outside scholarships and how to apply for them.

Veterans Administration (VA)

Veterans and/or dependents of veterans who are disabled or deceased may qualify for educational financial assistance through the Veterans Administration. Since the regulations regarding eligibility are quite extensive and many times need interpretation, the student is referred to the Veterans Administration Center. State Veterans Administration office locations may be found at Or you may call 1-888-442-4551 or contact your local Veterans Service Organization.

Other State and Federal Programs

Benefits may be available through such government programs as State Trade Adjustment Act, Minnesota State Grant Program (MSGP), Minnesota Child Care Grant (MCCG), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), state vocational rehabilitation services (for mobility, hearing, and/or visually impaired), and the Military or Federal Tuition Assistance Programs.

Federal Direct Loans

Federal Direct Loans are for undergraduate, graduate and professional degree students. You must be attending at least half-time as a student to be eligible for a Direct Loan. Graduate and professional students are only eligible for an unsubsidized Direct Loan. Financial need is not a requirement to obtain an Unsubsidized Direct Loan. The U.S. Department of Education will at no time pay the interest that accrues.

Annual and Aggregate (Program) Limits for Direct Unsubsidized Loans

Independent Student
Graduate Students $20,500
Graduate Aggregate limits for Loans $138,500

This includes amounts received during periods of undergraduate study.


Executive MBA Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

The EMBA program is an investment of both your time and resources. For most EMBA programs, company tuition assistance is the primary source of funds for the participant. Often the percent of tuition covered is dependent on the participant’s performance in the program.

The second most available source of funding is from the participant’s savings. In some cases financial assistance consists of family or relatives financial support which may or may not have repayment and interest rate obligations.

Third, private credit-based alternative loans are available from banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and/or asset managers. The terms of the loan(s) is set by the lender which may in part be based on the borrower’s credit history. In the US search for a lender you prefer at:

Non-US Citizens or Permanent Residents should seek financial aid from their families, foreign government agencies, or foreign commercial banks.

The Executive MBA degree program is not eligible for any federal financial aid.