Block Transfer Policy

NAU’s block transfer policy (General Education Equivalency) applies to all bachelor’s degree programs with the exception of the following: Nursing and the Management program offered in Kansas. All transfer course work must be college level (1000-level or above).

Block transfer does not apply to students residing or attending Minnesota campuses. If students were eligible for block transfer on enrollment, a subsequent change of degree program request will initiate the reevaluation of eligibility for block transfer in the new degree program.

Students who have earned a bachelor’s or associate degree, regardless of the type, with the equivalent of at least 50 quarter credit hours of general education courses, meet the requirements for NAU’s general education core area available for block transfer.

Students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Associate of General Studies degree, or a technical Bachelor of Applied Science degree from an accredited institution may be eligible for block transfer in the university’s Bachelor of Science in Management and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree programs if sufficient general education transfer credits are available.