Drug and Alcohol Policy

NAU takes a positive, proactive role in preventing the possession, use or distribution of drugs and alcohol by students and other members of the campus community. The university has adopted the guidelines of the 1990 Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act. Under this act, NAU has:

  1. Established standards of conduct that prohibit unlawful use, possession or distribution of drugs or alcohol;
  2. Annually distributed information describing legal sanctions under state and federal law;
  3. Annually distributed information regarding health risks associated with the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol;
  4. Provided information related to counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation associated with the use and abuse of drugs and/or alcohol on an annual basis;
  5. Set disciplinary sanctions that will be imposed on students and employees for violations related to the use and abuse of alcohol and/or drugs;
  6. Utilized professional staff to inform and to support institutional and personal educational objectives.

The university’s drug and alcohol policy is distributed to students annually. These sanctions include expulsion of students and termination of employees.