National American University Online Programs

National American University is excited to offer students the opportunity to participate in online courses using one of the most advanced learning delivery systems available. The university’s online courses give students the opportunity to experience an enhanced learning environment, which transcends the traditional limitations of time and location. Students have access to "learning on demand" literally 24 hours a day from anywhere that has access to the Internet, locally, regionally, or globally. In selected classes, students will also be able to access live lectures over the Internet using an advanced, real-time learning system.

Online students can expect to receive the same high-quality educational experience students have come to expect from NAU. As with NAU’s traditional on-site courses, instructors are experienced professionals with both appropriate academic credentials and professional real-life experience. In addition to quality academic programs, students also have access to outstanding technical and student services support. The combination of cutting-edge technology and solid online instruction gives students the opportunity to achieve more in their academic program and career.