Financial Aid and Scholarship Information - EdD in Community College Leadership

National American University recognizes that many students would be unable to pursue their educational goals without financial assistance. Financial aid and student participation in federal, state, local and private assistance programs are very important aspects of NAU's effort to assist students. Almost every NAU student utilizes some form of assistance in meeting the financial requirements of higher education. The university's financial aid staff is skilled and up-to-date in understanding and providing assistance to students who wish to apply for various scholarships, grants, and loan programs. NAU provides financial aid in the form of scholarships and low-interest loan programs through federal, state, and local sources.

The CCLP is structured within 16-week trimesters comprised of two 8-week modules. If circumstances require enrollment in only an 8-week module during the 16-week trimester, students must confer with the financial services representative regarding financial aid cost implications.

A minimum of six credits each trimester is required to be considered as a full-time student in the doctoral program. Students interested in applying for federal financial aid should check with their financial aid representative to determine if they meet the federal requirements for full-time status. (Veterans, or dependents of veterans, please refer to "Veterans Financial Assistance".)

Students interested in applying for financial aid through the following programs are encouraged to contact the financial aid office by email at, or by calling (512) 813-2300.