National American University Faculty

This list reflects the names of full-time faculty and core associate faculty who teach for the university. Please note that inclusion in this list is not a guarantee that a faculty member will be teaching throughout the academic year.

Abhayaratne, Praveen, MA, Monterey Institute of International Studies, International Policy Studies (2003)

Acharya, Tulasi, MA, MAPW - Professional Writing, Kennesaw State University (2010); MA, Women's Studies, Florida Atlantic University, (2012); PhD, Public Administration, Florida Atlantic University, (2019)

Ackerman, George, BA, Criminal Justice, Florida Atlantic (1999); MS, Criminal Justice, Nova Southeastern University (2006); PhD, Public Safety, Capella University (2012)

Ahluwalia, Priya, MA San Francisco State University, Chinese (2016)

Akers, Barbara, BS, Biology and Chemistry, St. Mary's College (1982)

Al-Asfour, Ahmed, BS, Business Administration, New York Institute of Technology (2004); MS, Administrative Studies, University of South Dakota (2006)

Anderson, Mark, AS, Construction Technologies, Community College of the Air Force (1993); MS, Organizational Management, University of LaVerne (1996); EdD, Nova Southeastern University (2008)

Andrews, Barbara, BA, Business Admin-Accounting, Vanguard University (1989); MBA, Information Technology/International Business, University of La Verne (2001)

Ashraf, Shazia, BS, Business Administration Walden University (2006); Certificate, Project Management (PM) California State University, Bakersfield, (2007); MS, Administration, California State University (2008); AA, Health Information Technology, Santa Barbara City College (2009); Certificate, Medical Reimbursement Specialist, Santa Barbara City College, (2009)

Auchter, David, BA, English, Denison University (1980); MA, Linguistics, University of Houston (1987); PhD, English, University of Houston (2000)

Bachelder, Francoise, PhD, Purdue University, Curriculum of Instruction (1997); MA, San Diego State, French

Baines, Constance, BS, Bachelor of Science Indiana Wesleyan University (2009); MSM, Master of Science & Health Care Management Indiana Wesleyan University (2011)

Baines, Phillip, BA, Business Marketing, Wright State University (2007); MBA, Indiana Wesleyan University (2011)

Balke, Steven, BBA, Business Computer Systems, Eastern Michigan University (1983); MBA, E-Business, University of Phoenix (2002)

Billingsley, Justin, BA English, Black Hills State University (2011); MM, National American University (2016)

Bissoondial, Radica, BS, Applied Chemistry and Biology, Ryerson University, (1997); DHA, Health Administration, University of Phoenix, (2014); MHA, Health Administration, University of Phoenix, (2007)

Blackwill, Michele, MA, Framingham State University, Public Administration (1998)

Bolton, Robin, AS, Business, Indiana Wesleyan University (2001); BS, Management, Indiana Wesleyan University (2007); MBA, Healthcare Management, American Intercontinental University (2008)

Bora, Bipin, BT, Mechanical Engineering, Indiana Institute of Technology (1983); MS, Mechanical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University (1985)

Bowman, Amie, BA, Contemporary European Studies, Univeristy of South Carolina (1998); MS, Information Systems, Johns Hopkins University (2002)

Bowser, Gary, MS Aeronautic and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1964); MPS, Auburn University Montgomery (1972)

Boysen, Alfred, BA, English, Augustana College (1967); MA, English, University of South Dakota (1968); EdD, Adult Education, University of South Dakota (1979)

Braun, Nathan, BBA, Applied Computer Science, Northcentral University (2009); MBA, Computer and Information Security, Northcentral University (2010)

Brinson, Jim, BA, Science Education, Indiana State University (2001); MS, Science Education, Indiana State University (2002); PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Indiana State University (2017)

Brinson, Kasie, BA, Science Education, Indiana State University (2000); MS, Science Education, Indiana State University (2007)

Brooks, Jennifer, AA, Education, Miami Dade Community College (2002); BS, Education, Barry University (2004); MA, Teaching and Learning, Nova SE University (2006); EdD, Education, Nova Southeastern University (2016)

Burke, Rebecca, BS, Management/Human Resources, Park University (2009); MBA, Park University (2011)

Bushman, Chad, BS, Behavioral Sciences, United States Air Force Academy (1995); MS, Aeronautical Science. Embry-Riddle (1999); MA, Naval Postgraduate School, Security Studies (2009); MSc, Special Education Advanced Studies, Montana State University (2015)

Butcher, Jane, BS, Mathematics, The University of Utah (1981); MS, Mathematics, Colorado State University (1983)

Butler, Rufina, AAS, Business, Denver Technical College, (1989); BA, Management, University of Phoenix, (1992); MA, Liberal Studies/Lang & Comm, Regis University, (1998); PhD, Higher Education Leadership, Northcentral University, (2013)

Celestin, Natasha, BS, Mathematics, Spelman College (2000); BS, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (2000); MS, Health Systems, Georgia Institute of Technology (2001)

Chance, Cheryl, AS, Liberal Arts, Tompkins Cortland Community College (1998); BS, Psychology, SUNY Empire State (1999); MS, Health Care Management, New School University (2001); PhD, Global Leadership, Lynn University (2009)

Chavez, Suzanne, AAS, Medical Assisting, Remington College (2005); BS, Healthcare Management, National American University (2010); MM, Human Resource Management, National American University (2012)

Christopher, Diana, BS, Bulgarian Languages Literature, Sofia University (1979); MM, Environmental Management, University of Free State (2000); PhD, Dialectology, Bulgarian Academy (1987)

Collins, SheKendra, BA, Mathematics, Tuskegee University (2002); MAM, Applied Mathematics, Auburn University (2005)

Corbin, Alexander, BA, Mid East Studies – Arabic, University of Utah (1997); BA Political Science, University of Utah (1997); MA, Military Studies, American Military University (2001); MS, Strategic Intelligence, National Intelligence University (2008)

Covington, Sarah, MBA, Healthcare Administration, Harding University, (2008)

Cummings, Donald, BA, History, The Virginia Military Institute (1965); MA, Political Science, University of California (1974); PhD, Political Science, University of California (1982)

Cunningham, Jennifer, BS, Business Administration, Colorado State (2006); JD, Washburn University School of Law (2010)

Curts, Raymond, BS, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, University of Illinois (1970); MA, Business Administration and Management, Webster College (1977); PhD, George Mason University, Information Technology (1994)

Dantzler-Harris, Carol, BS, Medical Records Administration, University of Central Florida (1985); MS, Education, Capella University (2007)

Davis, Michelle, BS, Physician Assistant Studies, University of Nebraska (1998); MPAS, University of Nebraska (2000); DBH, Behavioral Health, Arizona State University (2019)

DeHart, Brandi, RMA(AMT), BS, Health Services Management, DrVry University (2015); Diploma, Medical Assistant, Brightwood College (2001)

Derby, Vivian, Diploma, Nursing, St. John's School of Nursing (1973); BA, Management of Health Services, Ottawa University (1997); MA, Human Resources, Ottawa University (2001)

Dershiwsky, Mary, BS, Education/Math, Southern Connecticut State University (1974); MS, Accounting, University of New Haven (1977); PhD, Management, University of Massachusetts (1985)

DeSantis, Lesley, AB, Business, St. Clair Community College (2000); BBA, Marketing, University of Michigan (2002); MBA, National American University (2013)

Devine, Linda, BA, Individualized Studies, Keene State College (1989); MA, Humanities, California State University (1994)

diBona, Justin, BS, Finance, Northern State University (2012); JD, Creighton University Law School (2015)

Dick, Michael, BS, Management Information Systems, Park University (1991); MBA, University of Central Missouri (1994)

Diefenbach, Tracy, BA, Criminal Justice, Mountain State University (2006); MCJA, Criminal Justice, Mountain State University (2008); PhD ABD, Education, Curriculum Development, Northcentral University (2016)

Diesch Kurt, BS, Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University (1980); MS, Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University (1982); PhD, Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University (1989)

Dietrich, Elise, BA, Studio Art, Bard College (2001); MA, Latin American Studies, Tulane University, (2009); PhD, Latin American Studies, Tulane University, (2014)

Dodge, Sally Ann, BS, Mathematics, State University of New York (1972); MAT, Mathematics, Webster University (2005)

Dollison-Decker, Tracey, BS, Social Science, University of Wyoming (1995); JD, University of South Dakota, School of Law (1999)

Domalewski, Judy, BS, Business Administration, University of South Dakota (1986); MS, Organizational Management, University of Phoenix (2000)

Dunlap, Susan, BA, Individualized, Metropolitan State University (1987); MMA, Management and Administration, Metropolitan State University (1995); DBA, Business Administration, Argosy University (2012)

Eaton, Amanda, BS, Psychology/Sociology, University of Illinois (2007); MA, Sociology, New Mexico State University (2010)

Eisenfeld, Beth, BLA, Landscape Architecture, Michigan State University (1980); MUP, Urban, Technological & Environmental Planning, University of Michigan (1981); Certificate, Computer Career Program, DePaul University (1986); Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Analysis, American Military University (2013); DSS, Henley-Putnam University, Strategic Studies (2016)

Fandey, Layla, BA, Foregin Language Education, University of Maryland (1993); MEd, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Maryland (1995); MLS, Library and Information Services, University of Maryland (2007)

Fiorello, Jean, MM, Higher Education, National American University (2019); BS, Medical Technology, Missouri Western State College/Baptist Medical Center School of Medical Technology (1985)

Fields, Charlene, AA, Instructor Technology, Community College of the Air Force (1994); AA, Communications Intelligence, Community College of the Air Force (1994); BS, Management, University of Phoenix (1997); MA, Organizational Management, University of Phoenix (1999); MA, Human Resources Development, Webster University (2002)

Fischer, Curtis, AS, Accounting, Tulsa Community College (1993); BBA, Accounting, Langston University (1998); MBA, University of Phoenix (2011)

Fleming, Margaret, BA English, University of Northern Colorado (2008); MAT, English Education, University of Northern Colorado (2013)

Francis, Yelena, BA, Russian Language and Literature, Leningrad State University (1987); MA, Russian Language and Literature, Leningrad State University; PhD, Russian Literature, Higher Attestation Commission (2000)

Fraser, Kathy, BS, Management Information System, National American University (2002); MS, Management of Technology, University of Minnesota (2006)

Freidel, Olivia, BS, Psychology, University of South Dakota (1997); MM, Management, National American University (2017)

Frogge, Steven, BS, English, University of Central Missouri (1982); MA, English, Northwest Missouri State University (2002)

Garling, Natalie, BA, English, Eastern Illinois University (2005); MS, Technology, Eastern Illinois University (2007)

Gielstra, Dianna, BS, Biology, Coastal Carolina University (1995); MS, Environmental Studies, Medical University of South Carolina (1999); PhD, Geography, Texas A & M University, (2009)

Goldberg, Susan, BA, English and Creative Writing, Brooklyn College of the City of New York (1968); MA, Asian Studies, Seton Hall University (1972)

Graham, Amanda, BS, Business Administration/Health, Adams State College (2011); MBA, Leadership, Adams State College (2013)

Graham, Keith, BA, Economics/Business, Emory and Henry College (1985); MBA, Liberty University (1992)

Granato, Andrew, BS, Management, Wright State University, (2015); MBA, Business Administration, Park University, (2017)

Granato, Nicola, AS, Applied Sciences, Community College of the Air Force (2007); BS, Organizational Leadership, Wright State University (2008); MBA, Park University (2010)

Greaves, Denise, BA, Music, Brigham Young University, (1979); MA, Classics, Brigham Young University, (1985); PhD, Classics, Stanford University, (1994);

Grier, Sean, BS, Religion, Liberty University (2007); MA, Theological Studies, Liberty University (2009); MDiv, Church Ministries, Liberty University (2010); MRE, Religious Education, Liberty University (2010); MS, Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati (2012); PhD, Criminal Justice, Nova Southeastern University, (2018)

Griffith, Lora, BA, Political Science, University of Washington (1981); MA, International Affairs, The Catholic University of America (1987)

Grime, Emily, BS, Business, The Pennsylvania State University (2005); MS, Leadership and Business Ethics, Dusquesne University (2008)

Grunenwald, Matthew, BS, Management, Texas A&M University (1997); MS, Business Administration, University of Phoenix (2000)

Guggenberger, Bruce, BS, Management, St. Cloud State University (1987); MMAS, General Studies, US Army Command and General Staff College (2000); PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Indiana State University (2008)

Haag, David, BA, History, Dickinson College (1973); MSS, Strategic Studies, US Army War College, (2003)

Halupa, Colleen, AAS, Medical Laboratory Technology, Community College of the Air Force (1987); BS, Health Care Management, Southern Illinois University (1989); MS, Administration/Health Administration, Central Michigan University (1994); EdD, Curriculum and Instruction/Leadership, The University of West Florida (2003)

Hamby, Bruce, BS, Business Administration emphasis Marketing, National American University (2000); MBA, National American University (2002)

Haney, Contessia, BS Healthcare Management, Walden University (2017), Diploma of Medical Assisting, Everest College (2007), AAS Office Administration Medical Specialty, IvyTech Community College (2004)

Harris, Kenneth, AAS, Liberal Arts, City Colleges of Chicago (1985); AAS, Avionics Systems Technology, Community College of the Air Force (1986); BS, Electronics Engineering Technology, South Dakota State University (1991); MBA, University of South Dakota (2000)

Harris, Stella, MBA, Health Care Management, South University Online (2010); BS, Healthcare Administrations, University of Phoenix (2007)

Hayes, Richard, AAS, Medical Staff Services Management, National American University (2011); BSPA, Policy and Administration, Indiana University (1981); MPA, Public Management, Indiana University (1997)

Hedrick, Don, BA, Criminal Justice, Dakota Wesleyan University (2002); MS, Administrative Studies-Criminal Justice, University of South Dakota (2007)

Henke, Jenifer, BBA, Management Information Systems, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2001); BS, Nursing, Milwaukee School of Engineering (2007); MS, Nursing, University of Phoenix (2013); DNP, Nursing Practice, Grand Canyon University (2017)

Henry, Charlene, BA, Political Science, East Tennessee State University, (1990); JD, Law, The University of South Dakota, (1998); MA, International Studies, Old Dominion University, (1994)

Hickman, Janice, BSE, Social Sciences, Henderson State University (1972); MA, Education/Curriculum & Instruction, University of Phoenix (2007); MA, Psychology, Regis University (2013)

Hill, Jeff, BS, Microbiology, Texas A&M (1993); PhD, Human Biological Chemistry and Genetics, University of Texas (2001)

Hoff, Janet, BS, Mathematics, University of Evansville (1991); MS, Secondary Education, University of Southern Indiana (2002)

Hoffman, Catherine, BSED, Biology, University of Missouri-Columbia (1984); Certificate, Teaching, University of Missouri-Columbia (1984); MBS, Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota (2013)

Holmgren, Marilyn, BA, College of St. Scholastica (1976); MS, The Tri-College University (1990); PhD, University of Nebraska (2008)

Huether, Sasha, BS, English, University of South Dakota (1997); MA, English, University of South Dakota (2001)

Hughes, William Michael, BS, Medical Technology, University of Kansas, (1999): MS, Healthcare Administration (2014)

Hungria, Carol, AA, Butler Community College (1995); BS, Business and Management, University of Maryland University College (1999); MS, Behavioral Sciences, Cameron University (2001); MS, Post-secondary and Adult Education, Capella University (2009)

Hunter, Marcia, BS, Organizational Management and Leadership, Friends University, (2001); MA, Psychology, University of the Rockies, (2011)

Ibarra, Marlene, BS, Social Work, Kansas State University (2008); MS, Social Work, Wichita State University (2010)

Ickler, Lindsay, AAS, Business Software Support, Mitchell Technical Institute, (2002); BS, Applied Information Technology, National American University, (2014); MA, Psychology, Ashford University, (2018)

Jabra, Khader, BS, Business Administration, Winthrop University, (1990); MBA, Business Administration, Keller Graduate School of Management, (2006); MS, Network Security, Capitol College, (2003)

Jahn, Warren, BS, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, University of South Carolina (2003); MHRTM, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management (2004); PhD, Human Ecology, University of Tennessee (2008)

Jirkovsky, Dennis, BA, Accounting, Missouri University (1976); AA, Data Processing, Maple Woods Community College (1994); MBA, Accounting, Rockhurst University (1995)

Johnson, Allison, BA, Communications, University of North Florida (1989); MS, Technical Communication, Mercer University (1998); EdD, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Florida (2018)

Johnson, Robert BA, Criminal Justice, Saint Leo University (2005); MS, Criminal Justice, Kaplan/Purdue University (2010)

Juwah, Bridget, BA, English Studies, Obafemi Awolowo University, (1979); MS, Political Science, University of Lagos, (1996); MS, Sociology, University of Lagos, (1999)

Kadlubowski, Mary, BPS, Architecture, SUNY at Buffalo (1984); MArch, Architecture, SUNY at Buffalo (1987)

Kane Robert "Todd", BBA, Management, Northcentral University (2008); MBA, Healthcare Administration, Northcentral University (2009)

Kerley, Michael, AAS - Agricultural Business, Garden City Community College (2014); BS Criminal Justice, Central Christian University (2014); MBA, National American University (2016); MM, Criminal Justice, National American University (2016)

Keys, Kevin, BS, Business/Management, University of Phoenix (2010); MPA, Homeland Security, Wayland Baptist University (2011)

King, Corey, BS, English, Secondary Education, North Carolina A & T State University (1998); MA English and African American, North Carolina A & T State University (2001)

King, Leslie, AS, Medical Laboratory Technology, Columbus State Community College (1989); BS, Medical Technology, University of Texas (1992); MS, Healthcare Administration, Capella University (2001); PhD, Healthcare Administration, Capella University (2004)

Koenig, Craig, BS, Finance, Winona State University (1998); MBA, Business Administration, University of Minnesota - Duluth (2005)

Kruse Thornton, Renae, BS, Mathematics and Political Science, South Dakota State University (1994), JD, Law, The University of South Dakota (1997)

Lalama, Daniela, AA, Lib Arts & Sci:Hum & Soc Sci (SL), North Country Community College, (2009); BS, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Clarkson University, (2012); MBA, Business Administration, National American University, (2017)

Lay, Peggy, BA, Political Science, St. Ambrose University (1985); JD, Law, University of Iowa (1990)

Lenz, Jane, BA, Economics and Business, Drake University (1979); MA, Management, College of Saint Scholastica (2002)

Legault, Elizabeth, BA, Education, Salem State University (1993); MEd, Elementary Education, Salem State University (1998)

Lettau, Lawrence, BS, Composite Accounting and Composite Business Administration, Black Hills State University (1998); MBA, Regis University (2000); PhD, Accounting, Capella University (2016)

Liechty, Sarah, BS, Science Education, Indiana State University (1984); MS, Science Education Teaching, Indiana State University (1990)

Logman, Heidi, BS, Accounting, College of St. Catherine (2005); MA, Organizational Leadership, College of St. Catherine (2008)

Louden, Victoria, BS, Communications, Arkansas State University (1991); MA, Marketing, Webster University (1996)

Loving, Elizabeth, BS, Textile and Apparel Management, University of Missouri - Columbia, (2002); MBA, Business Administration, Park University, (2012)

Lund, Eric, BA, Biology, University of Minnesota (2002); DC, Northwestern Health Science University (2005); MS Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine, University of Western States (2016)

Lutz, Andrew, BS, Biology, Cleveland Chiropractic College (2006); DC, Chiropractic, Cleveland Chiropractic College (2007)

Lutz, Danielle, AAS, Nursing, Butler Community College (2009); BA, Biological Sciences, Wichita State University (2005)

Macon, Don, BA, English, Sul Ross State University (1984); BA General Studies, Charter Oak State College (2008); MA, History, American Public University (2010); MA Humanities, California State University (2004); MS Health and Physical Education, Universidad Azteca (2014); MS, Library and Information Science, Universidad Azteca (2015); EdD, Educational Technology, Northcentral University (2011); PhD, Humanities, Universidad Azteca (2014)

Majid, Nail, BA, Criminal Justice, University of Illinois (1995); MBA, St. Xavier’s University, Training and Performance Management (2003); DSS (ABD) Henley-Putnam University, Strategic Studies

Marthaler, Arlene, AAS, Accountant, Minnesota West Community and Technical College (1991); BAS, Applied Business, University of Minnesota (2006); MBA, Strategic Leadership, Amberton University (2009)

Martinez, Eduardo, BA, International Studies, University of Texas, (1978); JD, Law, Mississippi College, (1990); MA, Legal Studies, Antioch University, (1983); MSS, Strategic Studies, United States Army War College, (2003)

McBride, Brian, BA, Political Science, Wright State University (2007); MBA, Wright State University (2010)

McClanahan, Dawn, BA, Individualized Program, The University of Toledo (1991); JD, Law, The University of Toledo (1994); MA, Sociology, The University of Toledo (1999)

McGinnis Jacob, AA, Liberal Arts, Allan Hancock College (1971); AAS, Electronic Engr Technology, Gaston College (1968); BS, Electronics Technology, Central Missouri State University (1975); MS, Industrial Management, Central Missouri State University (1978)

McKinney, Raymond, BSBM, Management, University of Phoenix (2000); MAOM, Organizational Management, University of Phoenix (2002)

McKnight, Jodi, BA, Psychology, Lindenwood University (1995); MEd, Counseling, University of Missouri-St. Louis (1999)

McKnight, Mark, BA, English, Virginia Tech (1997); MS, Corporate & Professional Communication, Radford University (2001); PhD, Workforce Education, Southern Illinois University (2005); PhD, Psychology, Capella University (2010)

McManus, Patrick, BS, Engineering Technology, New Mexico State University (2003); MBA, Business Administration, New Mexico State University (2005); MS, Industrial Engineering, New Mexico State University (2006)

Michalski, Daniel, BSW, Social Work, University of Toledo (2005); MA, English, National University (2010)

Miller, Lara, BME, Mechanical Engineering, The Catholic University of America (2004); MS, Systems Engineering, The George Washington University (2006)

Mishler, Shelye, AAS, Health Information Management, Stark State College (1982); BSAHP, Medical Record Administration, The Ohio State University (1990); MBA, Executive Management, Ashland University (2000)

Mitchell, Rani, AA, Sociology, Western Nebraska Community College (1997); BA, Social Work, Chadron State College (1999); MS, Counseling and Human Resource Development, South Dakota State University (2006)

Montano, Alex, BA, Business, University of New Mexico (1982); MA, Organization Management, University of Phoenix (1996)

Moran, Jacey, BA, English Literature, Minnesota State University - Mankato (2005); MA, English Literature, Minnesota State University - Mankato (2007)

Morgan, Linda AA, Law Enforcement Emphasis, Garden City Community College (1975); BS, Criminal Justice Administration, Central Missouri State University (1977); MS, Public Services-Juvenile Justice, Central Missouri State University (1978)

Morrissette, Scott, BS, Finance and Banking, Palm Beach Atlantic University (1998); MBA, Nova Southeastern University (2003)

Mudlin, Holly, BS, Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, National American University (2004); MM, National American University (2011)

Mullins, Sandra, BA, History, Western Kentucky University (1977); MA, Human Resource Development/Management, Webster University (2000); MA, History, University of Central Missouri (2015)

Musick, Heather, AAS, Business Management, Metropolitan Community College, (2010); BS, Business Administration, National American University, (2014); MBA, Business Administration, National American University, (2017)

Mwangi, George, MBA, Business Administration, Seton Hill University, (2006); DBA, Business Administration, Walden University, (2016)

Nelsen, Dennis, BA, Criminal Justice/Political Science, University of South Dakota (1977); MPA, Public Administration, The University of South Dakota (1985)

Neron, Darrell, BA, Marketing, Rowan University (1990); MBA, Marketing/International Business, Drexel University (1993); DBA, Argosy University (2010)

Nielsen, Megan, BS, Sociology, Wayne State University (2003); MS, Sociology, Iowa State University (2005); PhD, Sociology, Iowa State University (2008)

Noss, Susan, BS, Psychology, Ramapo College of New Jersey (1982); MS, Applied Physiology and Nutrition, Teachers College, Columbia University (1988)

Olivera, Daisy, BBA, Management, Texas Tech University, (1995); MBA, Business Administration, Texas State University, (1999)

Orlando, Anthony, AA, Liberal Arts, Johnson County Community College (1988); BS, Technical Management, DeVry University (2007); MBA, Management Information Systems, Park University (2012)

Orr, Patricia, AS, Medical Billing & Coding, Anthem College (2005); BS, Healthcare Management, Anthem College (2012)

Passananti, Catherine, BS, Psychology, Western Illinois University, (2005); MS, College Student Affairs, Eastern Illinois University, (2007); MA, Addiction Studies, Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School Addiction Stud, (2018)

Pavel, Catalin, BS, Applied Psychology, Regis University (2006); MS, Organizational Leadership, Colorado State University (2011); DBA, Business Administration, University of Dallas (2019)

Perkins-Hicks, Debra, BS, Biology, University of Dubuque (1980); Diploma, Respiratory Technician, Northeast Iowa Technical Institute (1982); JD, The John Marshall Law School (1992)

Perttu, Veronica, BBA, Accounting, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (1985); MBA, Accountancy, University of Mary (2012)

Pickard, Stanley, BS, Agriculture, South Dakota State University (1959); MCS, Physics and Chemistry, University of Mississippi (1967); PhD, College Teaching, University of North Texas (1994)

Powers, Charles, AA, General Studies, Florida Community College (1986); BA, Sociology/Music, University of North Florida (1998); MBA, General Business, University of North Florida (2000)

Pritchett, Shavon, BS, Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Purdue University (2000); MA, Management, Indiana Institute of Technology, (2004); AAS, Health Information Management, Vincennes University, (2009)

Proehl, Carl, BA, History, Florida State University (1969); MPA, Public Administration, The University of West Florida (1975); PhD, Political Science, The University of Georgia (1980)

Rairdon, James BA, International Studies, The Ohio State University (1976); MA, Management, Webster University (1993); DM, Management, Colorado Technical University (2007)

Raml, Kelsey, BS, Nutrition and Food Science, South Dakota State University (2007); MS, Family and Consumer Science, South Dakota State University (2009)

Ramsey, Goldie MS, Admin of Justice and Security, University of Phoenix (2009)

Randall-Clausen, Anthony BS, Liberal Arts, Excelsior College (2000); MS, Strategic Intelligence American Military University (2010)

Rankin, Sherri BS, Mathematics, Kansas State University (1978); MS, Secondary Education, Kansas State University (1981)

Richardson, Janet, BA, Art, University of Missouri, (1968); Certificate, Art Education, Avila University, (1994); MA, Liberal Arts, Baker University, (1998)

Richey-Lopez, Amber, BA, Journalism, University of Montana (1993); JD, University of Montana (1997)

Roberts, Kenny, BA, Pre-Law Studies, National University, (2011); MBA, Business Administration, National University, (2012); PhD, Management, Walden University, (2016)

Roeder, Travis, BS, Psychology, University of Nebraska – Omaha (2007); MBA, Strategic Leadership, Trident University International (2014)

Rosen, Charlotte, BA, Elementary Education, Avila College (1971); MS, Psychology, Avial College (1987)

Saeger, Amanda, AAS Medical Assisting NAU (2004), BS Business Management CTU (2007), MBA, Human Resource Management, CTU (2008), MBA Health Care Administration, CTU (2009)

Sanchez, Michele, BA, German, San Francisco State University (1982); MA, English (English as a Foreign/Second Language), San Francisco State University (1984)

Savasta, Michael, BS, Criminal Justice Administration, Columbia Southern University, (2006); MS, Criminal Justice Administration, Columbia Southern University, (2007)

Sayler, Crystal, BS, Computer Networking, Strayer University (2001); MEd, Education, Valley City State University (2010)

Schillinger, Thomas, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies, SUNY Empire State College (2007); MJA, Justice Administration, Norwich University (2008); PhD, Walden University, Public Policy and Administration (2014)

Schmidt, Ethan, BSA, Finance, University of Nebraska (1987); JD, University of North Dakota (1990)

Schroeder, Kathrine, BS, Management and Ethics, Crown College (1998); MS, Computer Information Systems, College of St. Scholastica (2008)

Schwartz, Evan, BSEd, Elementary Education, Ohio State University, (1996); EdS, Middle Grades Education, University of West Georgia, (2003); MBA, Business Administration, Strayer University, (20(19); MEd, Educational Theory and Practice, Ohio State University, (1997); PhD, International Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, (2019)

Shah, Pranav, BS, Information Systems, Pace University (2004); MS, Information Systems, Pace University (2007)

Shillander, Jan, BS, Physics, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (2006); MS, Physics, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (2013)

Shortridge, Moema, BArch, Architecture, Universidade Gama Filho Rio deJaneiro (1981); MArch, Architecture, University of Colorado (1986); MBA, Business Administration, Westwood College (2012)

Smith, LaShunda, PhD, Postsecondary and Adult Education, Capella University, 2014; BS, Health Information Management, Alabama State University (2003); MSM, Management, Troy University (2004)

Smith, Lisa, BA, Communication, The University of Michigan - Flint (1989); MA, Communication, Western Michigan University (1990)

Smith-Leavell, Fonzette, BA, Management and Human Relations, Trevecca Nazarene University (2003); MAEd, Adult Education and Distance Learning, University of Phoenix (2005); MBA, Business Administration, Kaplan University (2012),

Sokol, Kyle, BA, Criminal Justice , St. Martin’s University (2000); MS, Public Safety, Capella University (2015); PhD (ABD), Capella University,

Stern, Jess, BS, Accounting, Brooklyn College (1981); MBA, South University (2008)

Stiers, Julie, BS, Medical Record Administration, Indiana University (1988); MBA, Indiana Wesleyan University (2003)

Story, Rolland, AAS, Business Administration, National American University (1989); BS, Business Administration, National American University (1990); MBA, Colorado Technical University (2001)

Straight, Ben BA, Spanish, Radford University (2001); MA, Sociology, University of South Florida (2003); JD, University of Florida (2008); PhD, Criminal Justice, Nova Southeastern University (2019)

Stutler, Kristina, BA, Political Science, University of Arizona (1998); BS, Business Administration, University of Arizona (1998); MA, Russian, University of Arizona (2000)

Szymczak, Milosz, BA, Intelligence Studies, American Military University (2011); MPS, Security and Safety Leadership, George Washington University (2015); Certificate, Lifelong Education, Michigan State University (2017)

Thompkins, Letisha, BBS, Accounting, Dallas Baptist University (2006); MBA, Accounting, American Public University System (2013)

Thompson, Donna, AS, Medical Record Technology, Indiana University (1991); BS, Healthcare Management, Calumet College of St. Joseph (1998); MBA, Information Systems Management, DeVry (2008)

Tirmizi, Shaukat, MBA, University of Ljubljana (1993)

Tran, Vincent, BS, Computer Science and Engineering, Florida Atlantic University (1995); MS, Computer Science and Engineering, Florida Atlantic University (1997)

Truitt, Benjamin, MA, University of Colorado, Humanities (2008)

Vaishnava, Premlata, MA, Monhanlal Sukhadia University, Public Administration (1997); PhD, Hindi Literature Janardan Rai Nagar Raj Vidhyapeeth (2003)

Vaughn, Corey, BS, PRT Management University of Missouri-Columbia (2001); Executive Master of Business Administration, Benedictine College (2004)

von Kaenel, Brandy, BS, Interior Design, Colorado State University (1999); MArch and MUD (Urban Design), University of Colorado at Denver (2010); Historic Preservation Certificate, University of Colorado at Denver (2010)

Wan, Isabel, BA, Economics, National Taiwan University (2001); MBA, Business Administration, Long Island University (2003); PhD, Global Leadership, Lynn University (2005)

Webb, Myhisha N., BA, Political Science, University of New Mexico (2008); MBA, Human Resources, New Mexico Highlands University (2014)

Wenger, Anthony, BS, Pennsylvania State University (1984); MS, Criminal Justice Admin, University of Central Texas (1989); MEd, Educational Psychology, University of Oklahoma (1992); DM, Colorado Technical University, Management (2014)

White, Amber, BS, Chemistry Comprehensive, University of Nebraska (2008); MS, Human Nutrition, University of Alabama (2012)

Wiemann, Michael, BS, Actuarial Science and Mathematics, University of Central Missouri (1994); MS, Applied Mathematics, University of Central Missouri (2001)

Wiley, James, BS, Accounting, Oral Roberts University (1993); MBA, Business Administration/Finance, Clark Atlanta University (1995)

Williams, Doris, AAS, Nursing, Excelsior College (2000); BS, Nursing Excelsior College (2008); MS (Nursing), Excelsior College (2010)

Williford, Rebecca, BS, Marketing Management, Bellevue University (2007); MA, Management, Bellevue University (2010); MBA, Bellevue University (2012); MBA, Marketing, Bellevue University (2014)

Winegar, Rhonda, AAS, Nursing, Redlands Community College (1991); BS, Nursing, Northwestern Oklahoma State University (1994); MSN, Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner, Texas A&M University (2000); DNP, Nursing Practice, Saint Louis University (2014)

Winters, Robert, BSL, Law, Western State University (1987); JD, Western State University (1989)

Wisgerhof, Scott, BA, English, University of Northern Iowa (2002); MFA, Writing, Hamline University (2005); MA, Counseling and Psychological Services, Saint Mary’s University (2013)