Attendance Policy

Attendance shall be documented with the completion of an academically related activity which includes any of the following: 

  • Attending an assigned synchronous activity where there is an opportunity for direct interaction between the instructor and students
  • Physically attending a class where there is an opportunity for direct interaction between the instructor and students
  • Submitting an academic assignment
  • Taking an exam, an interactive tutorial, or computer-assisted instruction
  • Attending a study group that is assigned by the university
  • Participating in an online discussion about academic matters

Course Attendance

In accordance with NAU's attendance policy, students enrolled in courses must actively participate in a weekly academically related activity in order to be counted present.  Documenting that a student logged into an online class or was physically present in the on-ground classroom are not sufficient by themselves to demonstrate academic attendance by the student. 

Weekly academically related activities may include completing a quiz, participating substantially in a discussion, or submitting a required item, as directed, for grading. The courses are designed to include at least one of these items each week, please refer to the course schedule for weekly requirements. A student's weekly involvement in course activities can be measured by active participation in the academic endeavor. Students who do not participate within the course in a consistent fashion may jeopardize their academic standing.

Failure to actively participate may result in withdrawal from the course after 14 consecutive days of non-attendance. Weekly participation in a course is critical to each student's academic success. Failure to participate in weekly activities may affect a student's academic performance. Participation within online courses can be verified through the student's access to the secured host site. As a result, the online student’s participation is permanently recorded through the learning management system.

On-ground Course Attendance

Students are expected to attend all class sessions for which they are registered. Attendance is required beginning with the first scheduled class meeting and is taken each scheduled period of instruction in all class sessions. If a student does not attend a registered class session for 14 consecutive calendar days during scheduled periods of instruction without contacting the instructor or academic advisor, he/she may be administratively dropped from the course. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange to make up all course work missed because of legitimate class absences and to notify the instructor when an absence will occur. However, instructors may incorporate attendance-taking into tasks that produce in-class participation points.

Please Note: The foregoing attendance policy does not apply to veteran’s educational benefits for students residing in Oklahoma.