Master's and DSS Grading Standards

Grade points are earned as follows for each credit hour:

A - 4 grade points - Excellent or Superior

B - 3 grade points - Good

C - 2 grade points - Satisfactory

Grade designations for which grade points are not earned include:

F Failure . The subject may be repeated, and in the case of non-elective courses, it will be necessary to do so in order to complete a program.
I Incomplete . The student did not complete all requirements of the course at the time of grading.
W Withdrawal . The student voluntarily withdrew from the course or was dropped from the course before completing 60 percent of the academic term. This grade has no bearing on the grade point average but may affect eligibility for financial aid.

Grade point average is determined by dividing total grade points earned by total hours attempted. GPA may be figured for each quarter (quarterly GPA), for all hours attempted at the university (cumulative GPA), or for courses in a major (major GPA). Credits and grade points earned at other universities or colleges are not included in GPA calculations at NAU.

Students will be informed of their progress in each course on a regular basis by grades given on tests, papers, and other assignments.