Incomplete Grade Policy

A student may request an incomplete grade ("I") if the student cannot complete all requirements of the course by the end of the course.  The student must demonstrate that extenuating circumstances are preventing completion of the coursework.  Examples of extenuating circumstances include the death of a relative, serious injury or illness of the student, or other special circumstances.  Documentation may be required to verify qualifying extenuating circumstances.

Incomplete grades and arrangements for the completion of course work should be discussed by the student and the instructor prior to the end of the course.  If the instructor believes the student should be eligible for an incomplete grade, the instructor will complete the Incomplete Form and forward the form requesting approval, to the related program dean for consideration. 

If an incomplete grade is granted, the student will be allowed a four-week extension period from the end of the course, to complete approved coursework.  If warranted, the program dean may approve a delay in the start of the four-week extension period or may prescribe and approve additional time to the extension period. Once the instructor has graded all outstanding coursework, the instructor will complete and submit the Grade Change Form.

If the incomplete course is also a prerequisite course, dependent courses cannot be scheduled and attempted until the incomplete prerequisite course is successfully completed with a passing grade. If appropriate, a course prerequisite waiver form may be approved by the program dean.

In circumstances that involve pregnancy, parenting, military deployment, or natural disasters, see the corresponding Title IX: Sex Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct, Academic Relief for U.S. Military Service/Absence, or Natural Disaster Academic Accommodation policies for more information. The student's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for the purpose of determining financial aid eligibility will not be evaluated for students who receive an incomplete grade until the incomplete grade has been converted to a final grade.