Time Commitment and Student Expectations

Higher educational programs require a high level of commitment and motivation from both faculty and students. Students must be committed to:

  • Reading the course materials
  • Attending and actively participating in the course
  • Participating in teamwork and group activities
  • Posting or submitting assignments that are original, substantive, follow the directions, and use proper grammar and APA conventions
  • Completing quizzes, exams, case studies, and other written assignments
  • Viewing videos, reading announcements, and completing the course-related assessments
  • Participating in synchronous activities, both inside or outside of the course room, if required by the syllabus or program, i.e., a team meeting to prepare for the team debate in the EdD program
  • Purchasing textbooks or course materials that are required for each course
  • Submitting original work assignments on or before the designated dates and times
  • Participating in the Socratic Method of education by clarifying, debating, and questioning arguments, viewpoints, and underlying assumptions
  • Acting in a professional manner in all interactions with faculty, staff, fellow students, and as a representative of NAU
  • Having reliable and consistent access to the internet for the duration of their degree program, and being proficient in the use of computers and application software

This commitment equates to approximately 20-25 hours per week for a full-time student (nine quarter credits/6 semester credits).