Strategic Security

The Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security (HPSSS) is designed to contribute to the establishment of higher education standards in the areas of strategic security. Designed for board of director level leaders and managers or their military equivalent, the ultimate purpose of the Doctor of Strategic Security (DSS) is to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals. The definition of strategic security is the study of the interaction of application of tradecrafts and ongoing behaviors designed to forestall reasonable or probable threats. Unlike the traditional security studies or strategic studies programs, strategic security studies are a step back from the study of political and military strategies to influence the spectrum of peace and conflict. Rather, strategic security is the application of objective information on the personal, local, and organizational developments that can deter and prevent conflict.

Graduates will be able to coordinate effectively a wide range of strategic security resources and personnel, across multiple agencies if necessary, to apply tradecrafts designed to forestall reasonable or probable threats and prepare those choosing to protect others, organizations, and the nations of the world.