EdD Program Format and Credit Hours

The doctoral program is on a calendar schedule of trimesters (one of three equal-length semesters) in a calendar year.

The majority of courses are offered sequentially over two eight-week periods in a trimester so that doctoral students may focus on one course at a time. Core courses are structured with three credit hours, including 45 hours of instruction per course.

The instructional methods employed in the EdD include a 100 percent online format comprised of online instructional sessions, supplemented by online discussions, case studies, written assignments, research papers, team assignments, and a variety of interactive learning strategies. There is flexibility in the combination of sessions to achieve maximum student-faculty engagement and technology-assisted instruction.

One example of the instructional format for NAU’s EdD courses includes:

  • Three Zoom sessions of 12 hours during a course
  • 12 hours x 3 sessions = 36 direct instructional hours per course via Zoom

The additional nine hours of instruction may include a combination of:

  • Supervised and/or structured organizational or industry visits
  • Zoom sessions
  • Teleconference with local, state, and national leaders
  • Interactive online using a variety of technologies
  • Interactive team work and practical applications

In addition to 45 instructional hours, there are approximately two hours of student and group work for each one-hour of instruction assigned; or, 90 hours of out-of-class student work for a course. This commitment represents approximately 16-18 hours per week for each eight-week 3-credit-hour course.