MT6300 Managing Human Resources

This course provides an overview of human resource management in organizations and examines the role of the human resource (HR) function in contributing to an organization’s business strategy and creating sustainable competitive advantages. The HR strategies, systems, policies, and practices used by organizations to complete effectively in today’s global economy are therefore examined. Students will have the opportunity to study theories and practices in areas of the human resource management functions and managerial responsibilities such as staffing, performance management, diversity, legal aspect of the employment relationship, training and development, compensation, labor relations, HRIS, work and job design, HR measurement, and current and future issues affecting human resource administration. Students who are not in the HR profession will gain tremendous insight on managing their teams and developing stronger working relations with the HR department. This class helps to prepare learners for roles in HR and non-HR managers. The areas of talent acquisition, talent management, and all other core strategies within HR will be discussed. The class reflects the learning competencies of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).