Undergraduate Faculty

Abhayaratne, Praveen, MA, Monterey Institute of International Studies, International Policy Studies (2003)

Acharya, Tulasi, MA, MAPW - Professional Writing, Kennesaw State University (2010); MA, Women's Studies, Florida Atlantic University, (2012); PhD, Public Administration, Florida Atlantic University, (2019)

Ackerman, George, BA, Criminal Justice, Florida Atlantic (1999); MS, Criminal Justice, Nova Southeastern University (2006); PhD, Public Safety, Capella University (2012)

Ahluwalia, Priya, MA San Francisco State University, Chinese (2016)

Al-Asfour, Ahmed, BS, Business Administration, New York Institute of Technology (2004); MS, Administrative Studies, University of South Dakota (2006)

Anderson, Mark, AS, Construction Technologies, Community College of the Air Force (1993); MS, Organizational Management, University of LaVerne (1996); EdD, Nova Southeastern University (2008)

Ashraf, Shazia, BS, Business Administration Walden University (2006); Certificate, Project Management (PM) California State University, Bakersfield, (2007); MS, Administration, California State University (2008); AA, Health Information Technology, Santa Barbara City College (2009); Certificate, Medical Reimbursement Specialist, Santa Barbara City College, (2009)

Auchter, David, BA, English, Denison University (1980); MA, Linguistics, University of Houston (1987); PhD, English, University of Houston (2000)

Bachelder, Francoise, PhD, Purdue University, Curriculum of Instruction (1997); MA, San Diego State, French

Baines, Constance, BS, Bachelor of Science Indiana Wesleyan University (2009); MSM, Master of Science & Health Care Management Indiana Wesleyan University (2011)

Baines, Phillip, BA, Business Marketing, Wright State University (2007); MBA, Indiana Wesleyan University (2011)

Balke, Steven, BBA, Business Computer Systems, Eastern Michigan University (1983); MBA, E-Business, University of Phoenix (2002)

Billingsley, Justin, BA English, Black Hills State University (2011); MM, National American University (2016)

Bissoondial, Radica, BS, Applied Chemistry and Biology, Ryerson University, (1997); DHA, Health Administration, University of Phoenix, (2014); MHA, Health Administration, University of Phoenix, (2007)

Blackwill, Michele, MA, Framingham State University, Public Administration (1998)

Bolton, Robin, AS, Business, Indiana Wesleyan University (2001); BS, Management, Indiana Wesleyan University (2007); MBA, Healthcare Management, American Intercontinental University (2008)

Bora, Bipin, BT, Mechanical Engineering, Indiana Institute of Technology (1983); MS, Mechanical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University (1985)

Bowman, Amie, BA, Contemporary European Studies, Univeristy of South Carolina (1998); MS, Information Systems, Johns Hopkins University (2002)

Bowser, Gary, MS Aeronautic and Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1964); MPS, Auburn University Montgomery (1972)

Boysen, Alfred, BA, English, Augustana College (1967); MA, English, University of South Dakota (1968); EdD, Adult Education, University of South Dakota (1979)

Braun, Nathan, BBA, Applied Computer Science, Northcentral University (2009); MBA, Computer and Information Security, Northcentral University (2010)

Brinson, Jim, BA, Science Education, Indiana State University (2001); MS, Science Education, Indiana State University (2002); PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Indiana State University (2017)

Brinson, Kasie, BA, Science Education, Indiana State University (2000); MS, Science Education, Indiana State University (2007)

Brooks, Jennifer, AA, Education, Miami Dade Community College (2002); BS, Education, Barry University (2004); MA, Teaching and Learning, Nova SE University (2006); EdD, Education, Nova Southeastern University (2016)

Burke, Rebecca, BS, Management/Human Resources, Park University (2009); MBA, Park University (2011)

Bushman, Chad, BS, Behavioral Sciences, United States Air Force Academy (1995); MS, Aeronautical Science. Embry-Riddle (1999); MA, Naval Postgraduate School, Security Studies (2009); MSc, Special Education Advanced Studies, Montana State University (2015)

Butcher, Jane, BS, Mathematics, The University of Utah (1981); MS, Mathematics, Colorado State University (1983)

Butler, Rufina, AAS, Business, Denver Technical College, (1989); BA, Management, University of Phoenix, (1992); MA, Liberal Studies/Lang & Comm, Regis University, (1998); PhD, Higher Education Leadership, Northcentral University, (2013)

Carmichael, Chris, BA, Intelligence Studies, Mercyhurst College (2010); MS, Intelligence Management, Henley-Putnam University (2017)

Celestin, Natasha, BS, Mathematics, Spelman College (2000); BS, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (2000); MS, Health Systems, Georgia Institute of Technology (2001)

Chavez, Suzanne, AAS, Medical Assisting, Remington College (2005); BS, Healthcare Management, National American University (2010); MM, Human Resource Management, National American University (2012)

Christopher, Diana, BS, Bulgarian Languages Literature, Sofia University (1979); MM, Environmental Management, University of Free State (2000); PhD, Dialectology, Bulgarian Academy (1987)

Cistone, James, BS, Physics, Muhlenberg College (1970); MS, Physics and Atmospheric Science, Drexel University (1972); PhD, Aviation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (2014)

Collins, SheKendra, BA, Mathematics, Tuskegee University (2002); MAM, Applied Mathematics, Auburn University (2005)

Corbin, Alexander, BA, Mid East Studies – Arabic, University of Utah (1997); BA Political Science, University of Utah (1997); MA, Military Studies, American Military University (2001); MS, Strategic Intelligence, National Intelligence University (2008)

Covington, Sarah, MBA, Healthcare Administration, Harding University, (2008)

Cummings, Donald, BA, History, The Virginia Military Institute (1965); MA, Political Science, University of California (1974); PhD, Political Science, University of California (1982)

Cunningham, Jennifer, BS, Business Administration, Colorado State (2006); JD, Washburn University School of Law (2010)

Curts, Raymond, BS, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, University of Illinois (1970); MA, Business Administration and Management, Webster College (1977); PhD, George Mason University, Information Technology (1994)

Dantzler-Harris, Carol, BS, Medical Records Administration, University of Central Florida (1985); MS, Education, Capella University (2007)

Davis, Michelle, BS, Physician Assistant Studies, University of Nebraska (1998); MPAS, University of Nebraska (2000); DBH, Behavioral Health, Arizona State University (2019)

DeHart, Brandi, RMA(AMT), BS, Health Services Management, DrVry University (2015); Diploma, Medical Assistant, Brightwood College (2001)

Derby, Vivian, Diploma, Nursing, St. John's School of Nursing (1973); BA, Management of Health Services, Ottawa University (1997); MA, Human Resources, Ottawa University (2001)

Dershiwsky, Mary, BS, Education/Math, Southern Connecticut State University (1974); MS, Accounting, University of New Haven (1977); PhD, Management, University of Massachusetts (1985)

DeSantis, Lesley, AB, Business, St. Clair Community College (2000); BBA, Marketing, University of Michigan (2002); MBA, National American University (2013)

Devine, Linda, BA, Individualized Studies, Keene State College (1989); MA, Humanities, California State University (1994)

diBona, Justin, BS, Finance, Northern State University (2012); JD, Creighton University Law School (2015)

Diefenbach, Tracy, BA, Criminal Justice, Mountain State University (2006); MCJA, Criminal Justice, Mountain State University (2008); PhD ABD, Education, Curriculum Development, Northcentral University (2016)

Diesch Kurt, BS, Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University (1980); MS, Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University (1982); PhD, Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University (1989)

Dietrich, Elise, BA, Studio Art, Bard College (2001); MA, Latin American Studies, Tulane University, (2009); PhD, Latin American Studies, Tulane University, (2014)

Dodge, Sally Ann, BS, Mathematics, State University of New York (1972); MAT, Mathematics, Webster University (2005)

Dollison-Decker, Tracey, BS, Social Science, University of Wyoming (1995); JD, University of South Dakota, School of Law (1999)

Domalewski, Judy, BS, Business Administration, University of South Dakota (1986); MS, Organizational Management, University of Phoenix (2000)

Eaton, Amanda, BS, Psychology/Sociology, University of Illinois (2007); MA, Sociology, New Mexico State University (2010)

Eisenfeld, Beth, BLA, Landscape Architecture, Michigan State University (1980); MUP, Urban, Technological & Environmental Planning, University of Michigan (1981); Certificate, Computer Career Program, DePaul University (1986); Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Analysis, American Military University (2013); DSS, Henley-Putnam University, Strategic Studies (2016)

Fandey, Layla, BA, Foregin Language Education, University of Maryland (1993); MEd, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Maryland (1995); MLS, Library and Information Services, University of Maryland (2007)

Fields, Charlene, AA, Instructor Technology, Community College of the Air Force (1994); AA, Communications Intelligence, Community College of the Air Force (1994); BS, Management, University of Phoenix (1997); MA, Organizational Management, University of Phoenix (1999); MA, Human Resources Development, Webster University (2002)

Fischer, Jen, BA, English and Psychology, University of South Dakota (1993); MA, English, University of South Dakota (1997)

Fleming, Margaret, BA English, University of Northern Colorado (2008); MAT, English Education, University of Northern Colorado (2013)

Francis, Yelena, BA, Russian Language and Literature, Leningrad State University (1987); MA, Russian Language and Literature, Leningrad State University; PhD, Russian Literature, Higher Attestation Commission (2000)

Fraser, Kathy, BS, Management Information System, National American University (2002); MS, Management of Technology, University of Minnesota (2006)

Freidel, Olivia, BS, Psychology, University of South Dakota (1997); MM, Management, National American University (2017)

Frogge, Steven, BS, English, University of Central Missouri (1982); MA, English, Northwest Missouri State University (2002)

Garling, Natalie, BA, English, Eastern Illinois University (2005); MS, Technology, Eastern Illinois University (2007)

Gielstra, Dianna, BS, Biology, Coastal Carolina University (1995); MS, Environmental Studies, Medical University of South Carolina (1999); PhD, Geography, Texas A & M University, (2009)

Goldberg, Susan, BA, English and Creative Writing, Brooklyn College of the City of New York (1968); MA, Asian Studies, Seton Hall University (1972)

Graham, Amanda, BS, Business Administration/Health, Adams State College (2011); MBA, Leadership, Adams State College (2013)

Graham, Keith, BA, Economics/Business, Emory and Henry College (1985); MBA, Liberty University (1992)

Granato, Andrew, BS, Management, Wright State University, (2015); MBA, Business Administration, Park University, (2017)

Greaves, Denise, BA, Music, Brigham Young University, (1979); MA, Classics, Brigham Young University, (1985); PhD, Classics, Stanford University, (1994);

Grier, Sean, BS, Religion, Liberty University (2007); MA, Theological Studies, Liberty University (2009); MDiv, Church Ministries, Liberty University (2010); MRE, Religious Education, Liberty University (2010); MS, Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati (2012); PhD, Criminal Justice, Nova Southeastern University, (2018)

Griffith, Lora, BA, Political Science, University of Washington (1981); MA, International Affairs, The Catholic University of America (1987)

Grime, Emily, BS, Business, The Pennsylvania State University (2005); MS, Leadership and Business Ethics, Dusquesne University (2008)

Guggenberger, Bruce, BS, Management, St. Cloud State University (1987); MMAS, General Studies, US Army Command and General Staff College (2000); PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Indiana State University (2008)

Haag, David, BA, History, Dickinson College (1973); MSS, Strategic Studies, US Army War College, (2003)

Halupa, Colleen, AAS, Medical Laboratory Technology, Community College of the Air Force (1987); BS, Health Care Management, Southern Illinois University (1989); MS, Administration/Health Administration, Central Michigan University (1994); EdD, Curriculum and Instruction/Leadership, The University of West Florida (2003)

Hamby, Bruce, BS, Business Administration emphasis Marketing, National American University (2000); MBA, National American University (2002)

Harris, Kenneth, AAS, Liberal Arts, City Colleges of Chicago (1985); AAS, Avionics Systems Technology, Community College of the Air Force (1986); BS, Electronics Engineering Technology, South Dakota State University (1991); MBA, University of South Dakota (2000)

Harris, Stella, MBA, Health Care Management, South University Online (2010); BS, Healthcare Administrations, University of Phoenix (2007)

Hayes, Richard, AAS, Medical Staff Services Management, National American University (2011); BSPA, Policy and Administration, Indiana University (1981); MPA, Public Management, Indiana University (1997)

Hedrick, Don, BA, Criminal Justice, Dakota Wesleyan University (2002); MS, Administrative Studies-Criminal Justice, University of South Dakota (2007)

Henke, Jenifer, BBA, Management Information Systems, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2001); BS, Nursing, Milwaukee School of Engineering (2007); MS, Nursing, University of Phoenix (2013); DNP, Nursing Practice, Grand Canyon University (2017)

Henry, Charlene, BA, Political Science, East Tennessee State University, (1990); JD, Law, The University of South Dakota, (1998); MA, International Studies, Old Dominion University, (1994)

Hill, Jeff, BS, Microbiology, Texas A&M (1993); PhD, Human Biological Chemistry and Genetics, University of Texas (2001)

Hoff, Janet, BS, Mathematics, University of Evansville (1991); MS, Secondary Education, University of Southern Indiana (2002)

Hoffman, Catherine, BSED, Biology, University of Missouri-Columbia (1984); Certificate, Teaching, University of Missouri-Columbia (1984); MBS, Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota (2013)

Holmgren, Marilyn, BA, College of St. Scholastica (1976); MS, The Tri-College University (1990); PhD, University of Nebraska (2008)

Huether, Sasha, BS, English, University of South Dakota (1997); MA, English, University of South Dakota (2001)

Hungria, Carol, AA, Butler Community College (1995); BS, Business and Management, University of Maryland University College (1999); MS, Behavioral Sciences, Cameron University (2001); MS, Post-secondary and Adult Education, Capella University (2009)

Hunter, Marcia, BS, Organizational Management and Leadership, Friends University, (2001); MA, Psychology, University of the Rockies, (2011)

Ibarra, Marlene, BS, Social Work, Kansas State University (2008); MS, Social Work, Wichita State University (2010)

Ickler, Lindsay, AAS, Business Software Support, Mitchell Technical Institute, (2002); BS, Applied Information Technology, National American University, (2014); MA, Psychology, Ashford University, (2018)

Jabra, Khader, BS, Business Administration, Winthrop University, (1990); MBA, Business Administration, Keller Graduate School of Management, (2006); MS, Network Security, Capitol College, (2003)

Jahn, Warren, BS, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, University of South Carolina (2003); MHRTM, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management (2004); PhD, Human Ecology, University of Tennessee (2008)

Jirkovsky, Dennis, BA, Accounting, Missouri University (1976); AA, Data Processing, Maple Woods Community College (1994); MBA, Accounting, Rockhurst University (1995)

Johnson, Allison, BA, Communications, University of North Florida (1989); MS, Technical Communication, Mercer University (1998); EdD, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Florida (2018)

Johnson, Robert BA, Criminal Justice, Saint Leo University (2005); MS, Criminal Justice, Kaplan/Purdue University (2010)

Juwah, Bridget, BA, English Studies, Obafemi Awolowo University, (1979); MS, Political Science, University of Lagos, (1996); MS, Sociology, University of Lagos, (1999)

Kadlubowski, Mary, BPS, Architecture, SUNY at Buffalo (1984); MArch, Architecture, SUNY at Buffalo (1987)

Kane Robert "Todd", BBA, Management, Northcentral University (2008); MBA, Healthcare Administration, Northcentral University (2009)

Kerley, Michael, AAS - Agricultural Business, Garden City Community College (2014); BS Criminal Justice, Central Christian University (2014); MBA, National American University (2016); MM, Criminal Justice, National American University (2016)

Keys, Kevin, BS, Business/Management, University of Phoenix (2010); MPA, Homeland Security, Wayland Baptist University (2011)

King, Corey, BS, English, Secondary Education, North Carolina A & T State University (1998); MA English and African American, North Carolina A & T State University (2001)

King, Leslie, AS, Medical Laboratory Technology, Columbus State Community College (1989); BS, Medical Technology, University of Texas (1992); MS, Healthcare Administration, Capella University (2001); PhD, Healthcare Administration, Capella University (2004)

Koenig, Craig, BS, Finance, Winona State University (1998); MBA, Business Administration, University of Minnesota - Duluth (2005)

Kruse Thornton, Renae, BS, Mathematics and Political Science, South Dakota State University (1994); JD, Law, The University of South Dakota (1997)

Lalama, Daniela, AA, Lib Arts & Sci:Hum & Soc Sci (SL), North Country Community College, (2009); BS, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Clarkson University, (2012); MBA, Business Administration, National American University, (2017)

Lay, Peggy, BA, Political Science, St. Ambrose University (1985); JD, Law, University of Iowa (1990)

Legault, Elizabeth, BA, Education, Salem State University (1993); MEd, Elementary Education, Salem State University (1998)

Lenz, Jane, BA, Economics and Business, Drake University (1979); MA, Management, College of Saint Scholastica (2002)

Lettau, Lawrence, BS, Composite Accounting and Composite Business Administration, Black Hills State University (1998); MBA, Regis University (2000); PhD, Accounting, Capella University (2016)

Liechty, Sarah, BS, Science Education, Indiana State University (1984); MS, Science Education Teaching, Indiana State University (1990)

Logman, Heidi, BS, Accounting, College of St. Catherine (2005); MA, Organizational Leadership, College of St. Catherine (2008)

Louden, Victoria, BS, Communications, Arkansas State University (1991); MA, Marketing, Webster University (1996)

Lund, Eric, BA, Biology, University of Minnesota (2002); DC, Northwestern Health Science University (2005); MS Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine, University of Western States (2016)

Lutz, Andrew, BS, Biology, Cleveland Chiropractic College (2006); DC, Chiropractic, Cleveland Chiropractic College (2007)

Lutz, Danielle, AAS, Nursing, Butler Community College (2009); BA, Biological Sciences, Wichita State University (2005)

Macon, Don, BA, English, Sul Ross State University (1984); BA General Studies, Charter Oak State College (2008); MA, History, American Public University (2010); MA Humanities, California State University (2004); MS Health and Physical Education, Universidad Azteca (2014); MS, Library and Information Science, Universidad Azteca (2015); EdD, Educational Technology, Northcentral University (2011); PhD, Humanities, Universidad Azteca (2014)

Majid, Nail, BA, Criminal Justice, University of Illinois (1995); MBA, St. Xavier’s University, Training and Performance Management (2003); DSS (ABD) Henley-Putnam University, Strategic Studies

Marthaler, Arlene, AAS, Accountant, Minnesota West Community and Technical College (1991); BAS, Applied Business, University of Minnesota (2006); MBA, Strategic Leadership, Amberton University (2009)

Martinez, Eduardo, BA, International Studies, University of Texas, (1978); JD, Law, Mississippi College, (1990); MA, Legal Studies, Antioch University, (1983); MSS, Strategic Studies, United States Army War College, (2003)

McClanahan, Dawn, BA, Individualized Program, The University of Toledo (1991); JD, Law, The University of Toledo (1994); MA, Sociology, The University of Toledo (1999)

McGinnis Jacob, AA, Liberal Arts, Allan Hancock College (1971); AAS, Electronic Engr Technology, Gaston College (1968); BS, Electronics Technology, Central Missouri State University (1975); MS, Industrial Management, Central Missouri State University (1978)

McKinney, Raymond, BSBM, Management, University of Phoenix (2000); MAOM, Organizational Management, University of Phoenix (2002)

McKnight, Jodi, BA, Psychology, Lindenwood University (1995); MEd, Counseling, University of Missouri-St. Louis (1999); PhD, Psychology, Capella University (2010)

McKnight, Mark, BA, English, Virginia Tech (1997); MS, Corporate & Professional Communication, Radford University (2001); PhD, Workforce Education, Southern Illinois University (2005)

McManus, Patrick, BS, Engineering Technology, New Mexico State University (2003); MBA, Business Administration, New Mexico State University (2005); MS, Industrial Engineering, New Mexico State University (2006)

Michalski, Daniel, BSW, Social Work, University of Toledo (2005); MA, English, National University (2010)

Mishler, Shelye, AAS, Health Information Management, Stark State College (1982); BSAHP, Medical Record Administration, The Ohio State University (1990); MBA, Executive Management, Ashland University (2000)

Mitchell, Rani, AA, Sociology, Western Nebraska Community College (1997); BA, Social Work, Chadron State College (1999); MS, Counseling and Human Resource Development, South Dakota State University (2006)

Montano, Alex, BA, Business, University of New Mexico (1982); MA, Organization Management, University of Phoenix (1996)

Moran, Jacey, BA, English Literature, Minnesota State University - Mankato (2005); MA, English Literature, Minnesota State University - Mankato (2007)

Morgan, Linda AA, Law Enforcement Emphasis, Garden City Community College (1975); BS, Criminal Justice Administration, Central Missouri State University (1977); MS, Public Services-Juvenile Justice, Central Missouri State University (1978)

Morrissette, Scott, BS, Finance and Banking, Palm Beach Atlantic University (1998); MBA, Nova Southeastern University (2003)

Mudlin, Holly, BS, Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, National American University (2004); MM, National American University (2011)

Mullins, Sandra, BA, History, Western Kentucky University (1977); MA, Human Resource Development/Management, Webster University (2000); MA, History, University of Central Missouri (2015)

Mwangi, George, MBA, Business Administration, Seton Hill University, (2006); DBA, Business Administration, Walden University, (2016)

Neron, Darrell, BA, Marketing, Rowan University (1990); MBA, Marketing/International Business, Drexel University (1993); DBA, Argosy University (2010)

Newton, Rick, BS, ME, University of Colorado (1974); MBA, Business Administration, University of Colorado, (1974)

Nichols, Larry, AS, Computer Science, Missouri Southern State University (2000); BA, History, Missouri Southern State University (2000); JD, University of Arkansas, (2003); MBA, Missouri State University (2014); BAS, General Agriculture, Missouri State University (2018)

Nielsen, Megan, BS, Sociology, Wayne State University (2003); MS, Sociology, Iowa State University (2005); PhD, Sociology, Iowa State University (2008)

Noss, Susan, BS, Psychology, Ramapo College of New Jersey (1982); MS, Applied Physiology and Nutrition, Teachers College, Columbia University (1988)

Olivera, Daisy, BBA, Management, Texas Tech University, (1995); MBA, Business Administration, Texas State University, (1999)

Orlando, Anthony, AA, Liberal Arts, Johnson County Community College (1988); BS, Technical Management, DeVry University (2007); MBA, Management Information Systems, Park University (2012)

Orr, Patricia, AS, Medical Billing & Coding, Anthem College (2005); BS, Healthcare Management, Anthem College (2012)

Passananti, Catherine, BS, Psychology, Western Illinois University, (2005); MS, College Student Affairs, Eastern Illinois University, (2007); MA, Addiction Studies, Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School Addiction Stud, (2018)

Pavel, Catalin, BS, Applied Psychology, Regis University (2006); MS, Organizational Leadership, Colorado State University (2011); DBA, Business Administration, University of Dallas (2019)

Perkins-Hicks, Debra, BS, Biology, University of Dubuque (1980); Diploma, Respiratory Technician, Northeast Iowa Technical Institute (1982); JD, The John Marshall Law School (1992)

Perttu, Veronica, BBA, Accounting, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (1985); MBA, Accountancy, University of Mary (2012)

Pickard, Stanley, BS, Agriculture, South Dakota State University (1959); MCS, Physics and Chemistry, University of Mississippi (1967); PhD, College Teaching, University of North Texas (1994)

Powers, Charles, AA, General Studies, Florida Community College (1986); BA, Sociology/Music, University of North Florida (1998); MBA, General Business, University of North Florida (2000)

Pritchett, Shavon, BS, Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Purdue University (2000); MA, Management, Indiana Institute of Technology, (2004); AAS, Health Information Management, Vincennes University, (2009)

Proehl, Carl, BA, History, Florida State University (1969); MPA, Public Administration, The University of West Florida (1975); PhD, Political Science, The University of Georgia (1980)

Rairdon, James BA, International Studies, The Ohio State University (1976); MA, Management, Webster University (1993); DM, Management, Colorado Technical University (2007)

Raml, Kelsey, BS, Nutrition and Food Science, South Dakota State University (2007); MS, Family and Consumer Science, South Dakota State University (2009)

Ramsey, Goldie MS, Admin of Justice and Security, University of Phoenix (2009)

Randall-Clausen, Anthony BS, Liberal Arts, Excelsior College (2000); MS, Strategic Intelligence American Military University (2010)

Richardson, Janet, BA, Art, University of Missouri, (1968); Certificate, Art Education, Avila University, (1994); MA, Liberal Arts, Baker University, (1998)

Richey-Lopez, Amber, BA, Journalism, University of Montana (1993); JD, University of Montana (1997)

Risha, Sam, BS, Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (2013); MA, Emergency Management and Homeland Security, ASU (2019)

Rivers, British, AS, Criminal Justice, Colorado Technical University (2010); BS, Business Administration, Colorado Technical University (2012); MA, Human Resources Management, Webster University (2016)

Roberts, Kenny, BA, Pre-Law Studies, National University, (2011); MBA, Business Administration, National University, (2012); PhD, Management, Walden University, (2016)

Rosen, Charlotte, BA, Elementary Education, Avila College (1971); MS, Psychology, Avial College (1987)

Saeger, Amanda, AAS Medical Assisting NAU (2004); BS Business Management CTU (2007); MBA, Human Resource Management, CTU (2008); MBA Health Care Administration, CTU (2009)

Sanchez, Michele, BA, German, San Francisco State University (1982); MA, English (English as a Foreign/Second Language), San Francisco State University (1984)

Sayler, Crystal, BS, Computer Networking, Strayer University (2001); MEd, Education, Valley City State University (2010)

Schillinger, Thomas, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies, SUNY Empire State College (2007); MJA, Justice Administration, Norwich University (2008); PhD, Walden University, Public Policy and Administration (2014)

Schmidt, Ethan, BSA, Finance, University of Nebraska (1987); JD, University of North Dakota (1990)

Schroeder, Kathrine, BS, Management and Ethics, Crown College (1998); MS, Computer Information Systems, College of St. Scholastica (2008)

Schwartz, Evan, BSEd, Elementary Education, Ohio State University, (1996); EdS, Middle Grades Education, University of West Georgia, (2003); MBA, Business Administration, Strayer University, (20(19); MEd, Educational Theory and Practice, Ohio State University, (1997); PhD, International Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, (2019)

Shah, Pranav, BS, Information Systems, Pace University (2004); MS, Information Systems, Pace University (2007)

Shillander, Jan, BS, Physics, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (2006); MS, Physics, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (2013)

Shortridge, Moema, BArch, Architecture, Universidade Gama Filho Rio deJaneiro (1981); MArch, Architecture, University of Colorado (1986); MBA, Business Administration, Westwood College (2012)

Siddiqui, Terry, MAS, Aviation/Aerospace Safety Systems and Management Specializations, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (2008); BS, Professional Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (2003)

Smith, LaShunda, PhD, Postsecondary and Adult Education, Capella University, 2014; BS, Health Information Management, Alabama State University (2003); MSM, Management, Troy University (2004)

Smith, Lisa, BA, Communication, The University of Michigan - Flint (1989); MA, Communication, Western Michigan University (1990)

Smith-Leavell, Fonzette, BA, Management and Human Relations, Trevecca Nazarene University (2003); MAEd, Adult Education and Distance Learning, University of Phoenix (2005); MBA, Business Administration, Kaplan University (2012)

Sokol, Kyle, BA, Criminal Justice, St. Martin’s University (2000); MS, Public Safety, Capella University (2015); PhD (ABD), Capella University

Stern, Jess, BS, Accounting, Brooklyn College (1981); MBA, South University (2008)

Stiers, Julie, BS, Medical Record Administration, Indiana University (1988); MBA, Indiana Wesleyan University (2003)

Story, Rolland, AAS, Business Administration, National American University (1989); BS, Business Administration, National American University (1990); MBA, Colorado Technical University (2001)

Straight, Ben, BA, Spanish, Radford University (2001); MA, Sociology, University of South Florida (2003); JD, University of Florida (2008); PhD, Criminal Justice, Nova Southeastern University (2019)

Stutler, Kristina, BA, Political Science, University of Arizona (1998); BS, Business Administration, University of Arizona (1998); MA, Russian, University of Arizona (2000)

Szymczak, Milosz, BA, Intelligence Studies, American Military University (2011); MPS, Security and Safety Leadership, George Washington University (2015); Certificate, Lifelong Education, Michigan State University (2017)

Thompkins, Letisha, BBS, Accounting, Dallas Baptist University (2006); MBA, Accounting, American Public University System (2013)

Thompsen, Jeffrey, BS, Public Administration, Century University (1994); MS, National Security Strategy, National Defense University (2011)

Thompson, Donna, AS, Medical Record Technology, Indiana University (1991); BS, Healthcare Management, Calumet College of St. Joseph (1998); MBA, Information Systems Management, DeVry (2008)

Tirmizi, Shaukat, MBA, University of Ljubljana (1993)

Tran, Vincent, BS, Computer Science and Engineering, Florida Atlantic University (1995); MS, Computer Science and Engineering, Florida Atlantic University (1997)

Truitt, Benjamin, MA, University of Colorado, Humanities (2008)

Vaishnava, Premlata, MA, Monhanlal Sukhadia University, Public Administration (1997); PhD, Hindi Literature Janardan Rai Nagar Raj Vidhyapeeth (2003)

Vaughn, Corey, BS, PRT Management University of Missouri-Columbia (2001); Executive Master of Business Administration, Benedictine College (2004)

von Kaenel, Brandy, BS, Interior Design, Colorado State University (1999); MArch and MUD (Urban Design), University of Colorado at Denver (2010); Historic Preservation Certificate, University of Colorado at Denver (2010)

Wan, Isabel, BA, Economics, National Taiwan University (2001); MBA, Business Administration, Long Island University (2003); PhD, Global Leadership, Lynn University (2005)

Watson, Nathan, BA, Bible, Central Bible College, (2003); MA, Theological Studies, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, (2005); MBA, Business Administration, National American University (2019)

Webb, Myhisha N., BA, Political Science, University of New Mexico (2008); MBA, Human Resources, New Mexico Highlands University (2014)

Wenger, Anthony, BS, Pennsylvania State University (1984); MS, Criminal Justice Admin, University of Central Texas (1989); MEd, Educational Psychology, University of Oklahoma (1992); DM, Colorado Technical University, Management (2014)

White, Amber, BS, Chemistry Comprehensive, University of Nebraska (2008); MS, Human Nutrition, University of Alabama (2012)

Wiemann, Michael, BS, Actuarial Science and Mathematics, University of Central Missouri (1994); MS, Applied Mathematics, University of Central Missouri (2001)

Wiley, James, BS, Accounting, Oral Roberts University (1993); MBA, Business Administration/Finance, Clark Atlanta University (1995)

Williams, Doris, AAS, Nursing, Excelsior College (2000); BS, Nursing Excelsior College (2008); MS (Nursing), Excelsior College (2010)

Williford, Rebecca, BS, Marketing Management, Bellevue University (2007); MA, Management, Bellevue University (2010); MBA, Bellevue University (2012); MBA, Marketing, Bellevue University (2014)

Winegar, Rhonda, AAS, Nursing, Redlands Community College (1991); BS, Nursing, Northwestern Oklahoma State University (1994); MSN, Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner, Texas A&M University (2000); DNP, Nursing Practice, Saint Louis University (2014)

Winters, Robert, BSL, Law, Western State University (1987); JD, Western State University (1989)

Wisgerhof, Scott, BA, English, University of Northern Iowa (2002); MFA, Writing, Hamline University (2005); MA, Counseling and Psychological Services, Saint Mary’s University (2013)