Graduates of NAU are members of the National American University Alumni Network. The university maintains communication with graduates by way of National News (, a quarterly print newsletter and through social media.  Individual colleges and schools within NAU may also have specific web pages and other means to remain in contact with alumni.

The NAU Alumni office also seeks regular input from graduates, obtained from biennial surveys, which helps the university evaluate its programs and personnel, as well as other periodic program, initiative and needs assessment surveys. 

Other NAU alumni benefits have included career services support; a 10% alumni tuition benefit discount for alumni who will pursue advanced degrees through NAU; and tuition free courses (alumni, to stay current in their fields may audit courses previously taken and passed at NAU).

NAU annually recognizes distinguished alumni service in terms of community involvement and/or professional accomplishment. NAU alumni are encouraged to assist fellow alumni who are seeking employment and career advancement by sharing information regarding employment opportunities with NAU’s student services advisors, the alumni office, or through social network platforms (NAU Alumni LinkedIn site). Job search assistance is available at no added charge to alumni through NAU student services advisors.

Referral of prospective students to the university by alumni is also welcomed. Alumni may activate involvement, and begin to receive the National News quarterly newsletter, on the NAU website at  Alumni can also share updated contact information, ask questions or share successes directly with the alumni office at Please keep the alumni office informed of name, employment, and directory data changes through the university website and alumni link.