Order of the Sword and Shield (OSS)

The Order of the Sword and Shield, Greek name Omicron Sigma Sigma, is the largest and most recognized academic and professional honor society for homeland security intelligence, emergency management, cyber and information security, and all protective security disciplines.  "The mission of OSS shall be to promote critical thinking, high scholarship and professional development; to further enhance the ethical standards of the protective security professions; and to cultivate a high order of personal living.”

In this age when the complexities of a rapidly changing security environment demand a requisite advancement in analytic, communication, and strategic leadership skills, organizations like the OSS are critical. The Order offers the opportunity to connect with fellow honor students and experienced Senior Leadership who not only understand these skills but have demonstrated them. Developing networks, fostering a current understanding of the job market, and having opportunities to show one's own expertise (visibility) are a few of the benefits of membership. HPSSS is committed to fostering student participation in the OSS, embracing the motto "out of knowledge comes peace," and welcomes student and faculty involvement.