Violence and Weapons Policy

Unless otherwise prescribed by applicable law, possession or use of handguns or other weapons while on university premises is strictly prohibited. This prohibition applies to all employees, independent contractors, temporary employees, visitors and students, including those who have a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon. University employees, independent contractors, and temporary employees also are prohibited from possessing or using handguns or other weapons while operating a university vehicle or while engaging in university business off-premises, except in the individual’s own home. This weapons prohibition does not apply to authorized security or law enforcement personnel.

If you are aware that a co-worker, visitor, student or other individual possesses a handgun or other weapon while on university premises or while engaged in university business off premises, you should immediately report the conduct at issue to university personnel.

Violence or threats of violence are strictly prohibited on university premises and in any university-related off-premises event. If you become aware of a threat of violence or other harm to university-related persons or property, you should take the following action, even if you think the threat may be only a joke:

  1. Obtain emergency assistance in any situation that you feel is an emergency;
  2. Take immediate action to protect yourself and others from harm where you can do so safely; and
  3. Advise university personnel of the situation.

Any violation of this policy by students at the university will result in disciplinary action, up to and including permanent dismissal from the university.