Health and Beauty Management, AAS

This degree is designed for individuals who have previously earned a cosmetology, cosmetology instructor, esthetician, massage therapy, barbering, or nail tech license (or a combination thereof). A maximum of 61.5 quarter credit hours from a cosmetology, cosmetology instructor, esthetician, massage therapy license (or a combination thereof) is required to transfer into the health and beauty vocational core.

Students are able to add business skills to their industry knowledge and experiences through a performance-based curriculum that includes studies in management, marketing, communication, and career management. This program is an excellent option for students who wish to pursue a management career or become an entrepreneur in the health and beauty sector.

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Critically apply concepts in the principal areas of health and beauty management to support organizational decisions.
  • Use current business technologies in support of organizational operations.
  • Explain the leadership skills required to achieve strategic health and beauty management objectives.
  • Explain appropriate ethical perspectives in a diverse business environment.
  • Effectively communicate in a professional business setting.
  • Productively collaborate in a professional business setting.

Health and Beauty Management: Associate of Applied Science Degree Requirements

90 Credits

Health and Beauty Management Major Core (6)

(Must be taken at NAU)

HB2100DMastering Cosmetology Business


Health and Beauty Vocational Core (45)

Open Electives (16.5)

General Education Core (22.5)


EN1150Composition I






EN2150Interpersonal Professional Communication



MAMathematics Elective



SCScience Elective



HUHumanities Elective


Behavioral/Social Science

Behavioral/Social Science Elective


Students have up to three terms from the date of enrollment to present a copy/copies of their valid state license/s. Students holding a current state or national license or certification from an accredited cosmetology, cosmetology instructor, massage therapy, or esthetician program will receive transfer credits up to 75% of the degree based on the appropriate documentation and/or articulated program hours.  Combinations of the specified licenses will also be accepted. Number of transfer credits awarded may vary based on state licensure and educational requirements. 

If at least 45 credits are not awarded for such licenses, the student will fulfill the vocational core with recommended business electives (courses coded AC, EC, FN, MG, MT, OL, OM). Graduation Requirements: A minimum 2.0 GPA is required overall and in the Major Core. See the "Graduation Requirements" section of the catalog for additional requirements.

(The university reserves the right to correct clerical errors.)