Undergraduate Student Core Abilities

Student core abilities are the intrinsic intellectual skill sets that all students will have successfully demonstrated upon completion of any of NAU’s degree programs. These fundamental competencies are the underlying basis of all course, program, and institutional learning goals and outcomes. These competencies exhibit themselves in intentional variations in different colleges and schools.

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving is the process of actively and skillfully gathering, organizing, and analyzing information to propose solutions and evaluate their effectiveness.
  2. Professional Competence is a combination of knowledge and capabilities that allow the performance of a profession according to the standards of practice for the chosen field.
  3. Collaboration and Communication is the ability to interact with others to create relationships, partnerships, and professional networks, utilizing the exchange of information through speaking, writing, visual, and other appropriate modes of expression.
  4. Personal and Social Responsibility is the development of a strong work ethic, personal integrity, and competence in ethical and moral reasoning, as well as the ability to consider the viewpoints of others, and the responsibility to contribute to one’s wider community.