Listing of Academic Programs

Programs with a * are not eligible for Title IV funding.

College of Undergraduate Studies

Accounting, AAS

Accounting, BS

Aviation Management, BS

Business Administration, AAS

Business Administration, BS

Business Logistics, AAS

Construction Management, AAS

Construction Management, BS

Energy Management, BS

Health and Beauty Management, AAS

Healthcare Coding Diploma

Healthcare Management, BS

Human Resource Management, BS

Information Technology, AAS

Information Technology, BS

Information Technology, BS, Emphasis in Cybersecurity and Forensics

Interdisciplinary Studies, AA

Interdisciplinary Studies, BA

Management, AAS

Management, BS

Medical Administrative Assistant, AAS

Medical Billing and Coding, Diploma

Medical Staff Services Management, AAS

Small Business Management, AAS

Undergraduate Stand-Alone Certificates**

Certificate in Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Auditing
Certificate in Business Administration*
Certificate in Computer Support Specialist
Certificate in Human Resource Management 
Certificate in Management*
Certificate in Marketing*
Certificate in Network and Server Administrator
Certificate in Office Applications and Software Support
Certificate in Web Development

Foreign Language Certificates

Arabic Certificate*
Dari Certificate
Farsi Certificate*
French Certificate
Hindi Certificate*
Mandarin Chinese Certificate*
Portuguese Certificate*
Russian Certificate
Spanish Certificate*
Urdu Certificate*

College of Legal Studies

Criminal Justice, AAS
Criminal Justice, BS
Paralegal Studies, AAS
Paralegal Studies, BS

Professional Legal Studies, AAS
Professional Legal Studies, BS

Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security (HPSSS)

Intelligence Management, BS

Intelligence Management, MS

Nuclear Enterprise Security Studies, BS

Strategic Security, DSS 

Strategic Security and Protection Management, BS 

Strategic Security and Protection Management, MS

Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies, BS

Terrorism and Counterterrorism, MS

HPSSS Stand-Alone Undergraduate Certificates**


Entry-Level Certificate in Counterterrorism*


Entry-Level Certificate in Intelligence Analysis*

Strategic Security and Protection Management

Entry-Level Certificate in Executive Protection*
Certificate in Physical Security and Risk Assessment*


HPSSS Stand-Alone Graduate Certificates**

Intelligence Management

Mid-Level Certificate in Intelligence Analysis

Strategic Security and Protection Management

Mid-Level Certificate in Executive Protection
Certificate in Homeland Security

Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Mid-Level Certificate in Counterterrorism

Harold D. Buckingham Graduate School (HDB)

Doctor of Education
Master of Business Administration
Accelerated Master of Business Administration
Master of Management
Accelerated Master of Management

HDB Stand-Alone Graduate Certificates**

Certificate in Accounting 
Certificate in E-Marketing
Certificate in Human Resource Management

Stand-Alone Certificate Guidelines

Students can apply to a certificate program as a separate program.

Stand-Alone Certificates Guidelines

  1. Stand-alone certificates appear on the student’s academic record (transcript).
  2. Not all stand-alone certificates are Title IV eligible.
  3. Courses completed for a certificate may be applied to satisfy requirements in a degree program, unless otherwise designated by the academic unit(s) offering the certificates.
  4. Students must meet residency requirements to receive each certificate or complete a minimum number of courses to receive each certificate.
  5. All courses counting toward the certificate must be taken on a letter-grade basis and be completed with a grade of C or higher with a minimum GPA of 2.7 for the certificate.
  6. Students may be a degree-seeking or non-degree seeking student when enrolling in a certificate.
  7. Admission requirements for certificate-seeking students are listed in the description of the certificates.
  8. Certificates will be granted only to students who have satisfied the requirements as listed in the catalog.
  9. Award of the certificate will be posted by the registrar to the academic record (transcript), and the registrar’s office will issue a certificate of completion.

Suspended Programs

The following programs have been suspended. New students are not being accepted into these programs. Former students who wish to complete a degree that has been suspended may contact for information.

Business Administration, BS, Emphasis in Accounting
Business Administration, BS, Emphasis in Human Resource Management
Business Administration, BS, Emphasis in Management
Business Administration, BS, Emphasis in Retail Management
Business Administration, BS, Emphasis in Supply Chain Management
Health Information Technology, AAS
MBA emphasis in Accounting
MBA emphasis in Information Technology Management
MBA emphasis in Management
MM emphasis in Health Care Administration
MM emphasis in Higher Education
MM emphasis in Human Resource Management
MM emphasis in Information Technology Management

Program offerings change periodically. Please contact the university to inquire about specific program availability and requirements. Curriculum requirements may be different in different states. The university reserves the right to modify curriculum and correct clerical errors.

**Certificates – Because not all certificates are recognized by private employers and government agencies, students are encouraged to first contact their private employer or government agency in the state in which they reside or plan to work to determine whether the certificate is recognized as a credential.

Professional LicensureStudents considering enrolling in an academic program that customarily leads to professional license should first contact the appropriate licensing agency in the state in which they reside or plan to work to determine whether the academic program satisfies the requirements for licensure in that state. Because of varying requirements, National American University cannot assure that its programs satisfy the criteria of professional licensing authorities in all states or territories.